Instagram Introduces Enhanced Notes and Interaction Limits for Close Friends


Instagram is launching several new features for users worldwide. The Meta-owned social media platform announced three new additions to Notes, making it simpler to create posts and connect with friends. Additionally, a new Limit Interactions feature has been introduced, enabling users to block messages, comments, and tags from followers who aren't designated as close friends. This feature aims to protect teenagers from potential abusers and harassers. 

Moreover, Threads has gained a TweetDeck-style view for its desktop app.

Instagram launches New Features for Notes :-

Introduced in December 2022, the Notes feature on Instagram offers a fresh way to share thoughts with friends. Located in the Direct Messages (DM) section above all messages, this feature allows users to post their own short messages and read updates from their friends.

Instagram posted as :-

Instagram is rolling out new updates to Notes, making it easier for you to express yourself, spark conversations, & connect with friends! Find ways to tap in with:

Notes Prompts 💬 pose thoughts & musings with a prompt to get your friends and mutuals to chime in.

Notes Likes ❤️ quickly react to your friends' notes with likes. To like a note, double tap the note or click the heart icon in the reply sheet.

Notes @ Mentions 👥 get your friends’ attention by @ mentioning them directly in a note.